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Weydale Farm

Just a stones throw away from the bustling holiday destination of sunny Scarborough, our farm nestles in the lea of the Vale of Pickering before it drops into the bay of Scarborough.

Weydale Farm faces south and is predominantly shallow limestone, and therefore, free draining. It is a traditional 'mixed' farm, with livestock and arable all contributing to the farms economy. The land grows wheat for animal feed, barley for the brewing industry and oilseed rape for oil production.

Weydale farm, Scarborough
Weydale, as its name suggests nestles between two rolling dale, with hillsides too steep to cultivate.  They are perfect grass growing fields, therefore, and include many calcareous grassland species including orchids.

Sheep are crucial in maintaining a low sward height, which in turn allows these tender plants to thrive and the dales are now recognised as a site of conservation interest. 


This permanent pasture is part of a Countryside Stewardship Scheme, a government assisted scheme, whereby we agree to not apply any pesticides or fertiliser to the grassland, a system very closely linked to organic principles.

Farm FieldThis scheme suits our ethos, and the animals that graze the pastures benefit from the wealth of herbs and grasses that thrive in this low input environment.

We are convinced that this undulating established pasture has a major contribution in producing prime stock both on the hoof and the hook.

We are proud to be members of the Little Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme for our beef, lamb and crops. 

This quality standard requires an annual audit of all our farming practice, from welfare to hygiene, and from the farm to the butchery, and is an important guarantee that the food and livestock we produce are of the highest standard.



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Autumn On Weydale Farm