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Apple Pressing Days
September 2018

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The Offee

Apple Season At Seamer Fayre



Hedge-Hoggers Apple Juice And Cider

The Offee Shop Is Now Open Fridays 5pm - 7pm

Bring us your apples and we will turn them into juice or cider

All we ask is a percentage of your juice in return

Hedge Hoggers Apple Juice And CiderHedgehoggers is a community press based in Seamer, on the outskirts of Scarborough.

From the original idea of planting a small orchard to replace many fruit trees disappearing all over the country, we realised that there were actually still hundreds of trees in local gardens producing a glut of fruit which went to waste every year.

We purchased some small scale industrial equipment which meant that we could press these apples quickly and efficiently for the benefit of the Community, and held a series of 'pressing days' at Seamer which were well received.

With over six tonnes of apples pressed in 2017, and a new batch of cider gently brewing in the 'snug', we are optimistic that this new branch of Seamer Fayre has a bright future.

We are planning a Hedge-Hoggers Tour this year during September and October, taking our equipment on the road and visiting local communities to help them deal with their apple harvest.

For enquiries please contact Dan on 07508 666344 or Elaine on 07976361596

Contact us by Email:

Use the Hedge-Hoggers Facebook link to view pictures of the apple juice and cider making process.

Apple Pressing Time Is Here! Details Below.

2018 Apple Pressing Days



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